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Why You Need a Smoke Detector in Your House

It’s so hot that we realized asphalt has a liquid state.

That is exactly why you need a smoke detector in your house. But you can also do other stuff to prevent the heat induced fire.

And while walking on lava is just mildly infuriating, apart from the inconveniences, the heat can also bring some real dangers. Like fire. To reduce the chance of the fire hazard, we recommend to take the following steps:
  • Get rid of the dry grass around your house and mow the lawn;
  • Cover the outdoor ventilation with a fireproof net;
  • Remove any flammable materials from the walls outside of the house;
  • If you smoke, dispose of cigarettes in a non-combustible ashtrays, water or sand;
  • Walk around your house and check that all the doors and windows can be opened easily. If not, fix it — in case of fire it may be vital;
  • When using barbecue grills, maintain clearance from combustible decks, fences, and vegetation;
  • Install fire and smoke detectors in your house.

How to Install a Smoke Detector?

We at Fuse Service can help you with the last point of this list. Our company can install any fire and smoke detector you would like so that you stay safe during these temperatures. Give us a call at (669) 242-5354 or email at support@fuseservice.com. And don't forget to drink lots of water!
You can find additional information on how to prevent fire at National Fire Protection Association website.